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Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) - CHolmes - 07-30-2020

Malignant Hyperthermia (MH)
Created June 2020

Contact Information

     Developed by: Unknown
     Developed for: Interior Health
     Submitted by: CHolmes
     Contact Email: simulation@interiorhealth.ca
     Peer Reviewed: <strong>No</strong> (Has not been peer reviewed or the information will be provided later)

Scenario Information

     Case Summary:

     ­3 year old girl ingested several of her sister’s phenobarbital tablets.  Developed somnolence and respiratory depression; brought from home by EMS.  Pt has just been intubated in the ED by your colleague and is being handed over at shift change.  Awaiting an ICU bed. Intubated with atropine, ketamine and succinylcholine. Currently receiving fluids for mild hypotension.

     Target Learning Groups:

      Physicians, Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Specialist, Interprofessional Team

     Additional Target Learning Groups:


     Proposed Setting:

     Emergency Department

     Educational Goals:

     ­Identify MH and review pathophysiology
Summarize common triggers of MH
Demonstrate effective management of MH including dantrolene and cooling

Peer Review Information

Clinical Content Peer Review

      Clinical Content Reviewer: Unknown Reviewed on: Unknown

      Notes on Clinical Content Peer Review:


Simulation/Educational Review

     Simulation/Educational Reviewer: Unknown Reviewed on: Unknown

     Notes on Simulation/Educational Peer Review:


Simulation/Educational Real Time Review

     Simulation/Educational Real Time Reviewer: Unknown Reviewed on: Unknown

     Notes on Simulation/Educational Real Time Peer Review:


Extra Information

     Additional Details:

     ­Skills: pediatric IV therapy, pediatric pain management, pediatric sedation post intubation



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