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Mediastinal Mass - CHolmes - 07-30-2020

Mediastinal Mass
Created June 2020

Contact Information

     Developed by: Unknown
     Developed for: Interior Health
     Submitted by: CHolmes
     Contact Email: simulation@interiorhealth.ca
     Peer Reviewed: <strong>No</strong> (Has not been peer reviewed or the information will be provided later)

Scenario Information

     Case Summary:

     ­6 year old boy who has been feeling unwell for 3 weeks. Coughing for 3 weeks, worsening. No cold at start. Now febrile. Over the last week mom has noticed his breathing is noisier especially when lying down.

     Target Learning Groups:

      Physicians, Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Specialist, Interprofessional Team

     Additional Target Learning Groups:


     Proposed Setting:

     Emergency Department

     Educational Goals:

     ­Identify respiratory distress as a presentation of mediastinal mass
Identify possible causes of mediastinal mass
Demonstrate appropriate management of respiratory distress due to mediastinal mass

Peer Review Information

Clinical Content Peer Review

      Clinical Content Reviewer: Unknown Reviewed on: Unknown

      Notes on Clinical Content Peer Review:


Simulation/Educational Review

     Simulation/Educational Reviewer: Unknown Reviewed on: Unknown

     Notes on Simulation/Educational Peer Review:


Simulation/Educational Real Time Review

     Simulation/Educational Real Time Reviewer: Unknown Reviewed on: Unknown

     Notes on Simulation/Educational Real Time Peer Review:


Extra Information

     Additional Details:

     ­Skills: pediatric IV therapy, pediatric airway management,



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