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Neonatal Seizure and Respiratory Arrest - RichardPinto - 08-27-2019

Neonatal Seizure and Respiratory Arrest
Created October 2017

Developed by:
David Critchley
Developed for:  
Submitted by: RichardPinto
Contact Email: ddcritchley@gmail.com
Peer Reviewed: Yes

Case Summary:

  ­Patient Description:


Age: 2 hours old

Weight: 4381 grams

Immunizations: nil

Hx of current condition: - 39 weeks and 2 days


* Pregnancy normal except gestational diabetes

treated with insulin

* Labour normal, ROMx2 hrs, no mec, no

maternal temp, no maternal antibiotics, GBS

negative, FHR normal

* SVD – tight shoulders but no complications

* Apgars 8 at 1 min, 9 at 5 min, vigorous

Social Hx: nil significant

Diagnosis: LGA baby secondary to gestational


Hypoglycemic seizure and respiratory arrest

Target Learning Groups:

   Interprofessional Team

Additional Target Learning Groups:


Proposed Setting: 

  Pediatric Unit

Educational goals:


Additional Details:




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