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Infant RSV respiratory arrest - ckchoung - 03-03-2020

Infant RSV respiratory arrest
Created December 2019

Developed by:
Christina Choung
Jackie Demmy
Developed for:  
Submitted by: ckchoung
Contact Email: simulation@fraserhealth.ca
Peer Reviewed: Yes

Case Summary:

  ­A six-week-old admitted with RSV will decompensate and go into respiratory arrest, leading to cardiac arrest. Case focuses on respiratory and arrest management.

Target Learning Groups:

   Physicians, Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Interprofessional Team

Additional Target Learning Groups:


Proposed Setting: 

  Pediatric inpatient

Educational goals:

  ­• Identify and treat respiratory decompensation secondary to bronchiolitis
• Practice pediatric arrest management, including effective CPR and documentation
• Provide concise and accurate SBAR report, highlighting change in status and treatments to date
• Call for help and mobilize resources early
• Establish role clarity and distribute the workload effectively
• Communicate effectively using closed-loop communication, command and request clearly, and establish a shared mental model

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