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Pediatric Post-Op Tonsillectomy Bleed - ckchoung - 03-03-2020

Pediatric Post-Op Tonsillectomy Bleed
Created November 2019

Developed by:
Christina Choung
Jackie Demmy
Lisa Ewart
Developed for:  Health Authority Pediatric Inpatient
Submitted by: ckchoung
Contact Email: simulation@fraserhealth.ca
Peer Reviewed: Yes

Case Summary:

  ­An 8-year old develops a post-op tonsillectomy bleed on post-op day 0. The case begins with the patient’s mother calling due to blood seen on pillowcase. Management will focus on psychosocial needs, positioning, suctioning without further traumatization of the site, continuous re-assessment of patient status, calling for help early, and SBAR report. Will require minor fluid resuscitation but no severe hemodynamic instability will occur. The case will resolve once the surgeon has been notified, and safe management of the child has been exhibited.

Target Learning Groups:

   Physicians, Nursing, Respiratory Therapy

Additional Target Learning Groups:


Proposed Setting: 

  Pediatric Inpatient

Educational goals:

  ­• Recognize and manage the possibility of aspiration
• Control bleeding from a difficult-to-access location
• Provide accurate and concise SBAR report
• Call for help and mobilize resources early
• Establish role clarity and distribution of workload
• Communicate effectively using closed-loop communication and a shared mental model

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